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Math is the centre of the learning universe

And, we are the most effective math learning program there is.

Math is the centre of the learning universe

And, we are the most effective math learning program there is.

Our Vision

Bhanzu's vision is to eradicate math phobia by making math fun and relatable as well as promoting math as a sport, an art-form and a human experience

Our Founder & CEO

Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash, World’s Fastest Human Calculator

Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash became the World’s Fastest Human Calculator at the age of 15, breaking records earlier held by maths legends like Scott Flansburg and Shakuntala Devi.
In August 2020, he won the first gold medal for India at the Mental Calculation World Championship at Mind Sports Olympics which was held virtually in London. For someone who has experienced an extreme prodigious end of human cognition, Bhanu has gone to the depths of how foundational math is taught. He has done 500+ stage shows across 23 countries and spearheaded the entire research of formulating the world’s most thought through math curriculum, which is now the Bhanzu way of learning math.
Neelakantha Bhanu

Bhanu has been representing India at international platforms of mental math contests from the age of 13. Over and above his various recognitions, he now holds World Records for:

bhanu with math olympics medal

Fastest Human Calculator Record

bhanu with math olympics medal

Power Multiplication Record

bhanu with math olympics medal

Super Subtraction Record

bhanu with math olympics medal

Power Calculation Record

Backed by

Light speed investor
b capital group investor
eigth road investor

Our Mission

Bhanzu's mission is to impact learning trajectories of 100 million students in the next 5 years

Through Bhanzu, we aim to eradicate math phobia and encourage careers in math and STEM fields among learners from across the world. Bhanzu is bridging the gap between dreams and competence, by enabling students to realise their full potential and introduce them to science, coding and AI, through the lens of math.

Our story

How did ‘Bhanzu’ came into existence?

Meet the backbone of Bhanzu

Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash

Founder and CEO, Bhanzu

Learning math the right way is a liberating experience. With Bhanzu, we aim to revolutionise math learning and make millions of students fall in love with it!

Pro Skills:

Calculates 5584378 X 987 without a calculator.

Interesting trivia:

Interesting trivia: Conducted classes in 20 countries around the globe, 100+ stage shows and radio shows, & 500 classes at prestigious platforms including UNESCO, Common Wealth Conclave and Future City Summit.

Prachotan DL

Co-founder and Head of Business Development, Bhanzu

Math is a true human experience. Every person deserves to savour this experience & make this world a better place to live.

Pro Skills:

Creatively and strategically streamlines marketing and business development channels.

Interesting trivia:

Limca Record holder, multi-genre vocalist, sports stat geek, art enthusiast, and an excellent public speaker.

Uday Kiran

Co-founder and Head of Operations, Bhanzu

Good education is a dream for everyone, and making it accessible for every student can build a better society because education will nurture, develop, and bring greatness to one’s life.

Pro Skills:

Pantomath of the organization, the go-to person for any kind of problem. Ensures that kids are having fun learning and exploring new things to become future-ready through Bhanzu.

Interesting trivia:

Cybersecurity enthusiast who enjoys travelling and good conversations.


Co-founder and Head of Research and Development, Bhanzu

I have always been fascinated by the progress we have made as a species. It’s mesmerising to see how mathematically backed our day-to-day decisions are. It’s a privilege to be a part of the mathematical revolution that is going to inspire the future generation.

Pro Skills:

Brings harmony in learning, ensures that every child enjoys math, and manages tomorrow’s challenges today!

Interesting trivia:

Theatre artist, improv actor, keyboard player and a FIDE rated chess player

Srinivas Jonnalagadda

Co-founder and Head of Projects, Bhanzu

Math learning has to be democratised. We’re working towards it.

Pro Skills:

On ground project management, help work with wider spread institutions like the education ministries.

Interesting trivia:

FMCG Veteran, travel buff who travelled across 20 countries

Deepak Sonawane

President of Global Sales & Marketing, Bhanzu

Education acts as a backbone to any society and improves the socio-economic value. It acts as a passport to the future and an integral part of our society because tomorrow belongs to people who prepare for it today.

Pro Skills:

Build High Performing Global Sales Teams in Early Startups, Zero-To-One Specialist, strong at building and executing new strategies.

Interesting trivia:

12 years of experience in EdTech and Telecom industry. An ISB (Indian School of Business) alumni who is a pet lover, music enthusiast, & sports fanatic.

Parvesh Garg

Head of Engineering, Bhanzu

Questions are good, they lead to awareness and understanding.

Pro Skills:

Ensures robust digital and technology front. Builds high-performance scalable systems and simple to use products.

Interesting trivia:

Love for long drives. His longest drive is a round-trip from Bangalore to Leh, covering nearly 8000 km.

Mevin Mathew Paulose

Director of Growth, Bhanzu

Math is an effective way to build mental discipline and encourage analytical thinking. And we don’t just teach math; we bring math to life. I can proudly say that my passion to work with a revolutionary EdTech got fulfilled here at Bhanzu.

Pro Skills:

Brings creative energy, manages high-impact initiatives for the company’s growth and drives innovation on the growth front.

Interesting trivia:

Adventurous soul, travel enthusiast- travelled across 15 countries so far.

Our teaching approach

What do we do better than others?

We build the right skills

We create future thought-leaders, decision-makers by setting up relevant math skills for excelling in STEM fields

We increase relatability

Our courses are designed in a way that makes students not only proficient in math but also deeply relate to mathematical concepts

We promote math as a sport

Just like how a physical sport makes a person fit. Mental math as a mind sport helps people push the boundaries of their minds




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Helped 2m+ children through social projects with the local state governments in India during the pandemic.


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