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Neelakantha Bhanu

Become 4x quicker and better at math

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Neelakantha Bhanu

Math is not just a subject. It is a human experience

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“Mathematics is an important life skill which helps humans in developing their cognitive abilities. Excelling in math is a super power which every student is capable of acquiring.”

Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash

World’s Fastest Human Calculator


“Mathematics is an important life skill which helps humans in developing their cognitive abilities. Excelling in math is a super power which every student is capable of acquiring.”

-Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash

World’s Fastest Human Calculator

Bhanu Quoting
Be 4X faster and sharper
Be 4X faster and sharper

Neelakantha Bhanu is one of the most celebrated Mental Athletes!



World Records


Mind Sports Olympiad

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The journey from Ordinary to extra ordinary begins here
The journey from Ordinary to extra ordinary begins here

Our Vision

Bhanzu's vision is to eradicate math phobia by making math fun and relatable as well as promoting math as a sport, an art-form and a human experience

Our Mission

Bhanzu's mission is to impact learning trajectories of 100 million students in the next 5 years

Learning road map

Course road map
Course road map

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We personify Math
We personify Math

What our achievers say?


Jay Yara

10, Chicago, Illinois, USA

I really like the left to right speed math technique. I am doing my calculations very fast nowadays. It enables me to do calculations in my mind and to do it I use the step method process and I showed it to my classmates as well. They all are using it now.



7, Cumming, GA, USA

I learnt math basics like addition, subtraction with the visualisation method and left to right multiplication techniques. Earlier I was stressed about math, but now it is easy for me because of Bhanu sir. I always wait for my assignments from Bhanu sir. I am thankful to Bhanu sir for making the math path easy for me.


Sai Rikhil

10, Florida, USA

I am really crazy about math, and the Left to Right method really helps me to solve multiplications, additions, and subtractions faster, and I would like to learn some more similar methods. I want to give special thanks to Mr Bhanu and Mr Uday for organising the course. It helped me a lot.

What parents say?

Raja Simha

Raja Simha

I was very much bothered about my kids' mathematical abilities. So, I put both my kids to learn math at Bhanzu to make them quick at calculations. The results are astounding and I’m totally happy with the assistance I have received.

Rinku Agarwal

Rinku Agarwal

I have searched and googled a lot, to know who Bhanu is? and what he has done so far. You know what? The achievements of Bhanu indeed surprised me! I am glad to let my kid join with a great course available for math so far.

Payal Gupta

Payal Gupta

Joined my daughter in the Math Wizard course to make sure that she is strong at fundamentals. Now, I am seeing her improvement day-by-day with the customised learning method and the trainers aren’t speeding the process and moving to the next stage as per my kid’s understanding. The course is truly great.

Learn the true math behind coding
Learn the true math behind coding

Our teachers are

Math Experts

Highly Engaging

Very Proficient

Trained by the World’s Fastest Human Calculator




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Commonly Asked Questions

Academic improvement is a straightaway change that we see in students who join our course. On top of academic improvement, our courses develop child’s computational abilities and thinking patterns.

The speed math techniques that we teach do not involve any tools, tricks or shortcuts. Children will stop using pen and paper for calculations by learning organic methods with us.

Becoming an ingenious coder is close to impossible without understanding the mathematical nuances behind coding, and we exactly teach that in our courses.

Becoming the next human calculator depends on a lot of other external factors, but we can undoubtedly assure you that this is the right place to begin that journey.

After years of research and by collecting expansive data in the field of math education, Neelakantha Bhanu has designed these courses with a deep knowledge of how each child can learn math.


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